Why your business/blog needs good web hosting


If you’re building a business online or a blog, there are very few expenses upfront that you have to make.That said, there’s one area where it’s worth spending a little bit of money: Web hosting.

Your hosting is the foundation for your entire website. If your hosting goes down, your blog or website goes down. If it’s too slow, people will go elsewhere. When it doesn’t have the features you want, you’ll get stressed and frustrated.

Owing to all these reasons, it’s worth spending a little bit of time and money figuring out which hosting service is right for you. There are services providing fast hosting but the services are very costly, burning a gaping hole in your pocket and credit card crying.If you have a limited budget, then the shared hosting solutions will be fine. But read on, and really think about where you’re at and what’s right for you.With that jump right into the most important question that’s probably on your mind, what is the best hosting for your blog, and how do you know what to look for?

So it’s clear, hosting is a really important component of your online business or blog. That said, there’s one thing that is more important.

Here’s a solution for your web hosting woes.

Ultra Web Hosting has been around since 2002 and owns and operates its servers on site, no third party or rented servers are used.Large, full-featured website hosting plans starting as low as only $2.95 a month! You do not have to pay for six months to a year in advance to get this great price, unlike many hosting providers!

Have unlimited websites hosted for as low as $5.95 a month!

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Looking for features? Ultra web hosting have you covered! Your own fully loaded online control panel, live online support, Cloudlinux, Varnish, OpenLiteSpeed, Perl, CGI-BIN, SSI, PHP7, PHP5, mariaDB/mySQL databases, phpMyAdmin, Softaculous app installer, GD, ImageMagick, Curl, Zend Optimizer, Mod rewrite, sub-domains, park domains, unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts, webmail, hot link protection, SPAM protection, virus protection, password protect directories, built in web stat programs, log file accessibility, custom error pages, automate tasks using cron interface, guestbook, site builder, free installable PHP forums, chat programs, bloggers, image galleries, support programs and much more!


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Ultra web hosting lets you earn from your blog. Here are the details of the affiliate program (7 days stats):


Average Sale: $11.54

Average Commission: $5.77

EPC : $18.04

Conversion Rate: 3.13%

Cookie Validity: 365 Days

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