a smile is the best icebreaker.

my friend, Vijay was the one who showed me that with a smile, you can conquer the hearts of people around you. i have never seen him without a smile on his face, hiding all the emotions behind the spectacled eyes. a good photographer and a great nerd, who is more like a brother to me,than a friend.he influenced me a great lot.badly missing the time spent with him.


a great person will always be little – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

indeed, a great person will always be little. my friend, alex, showed me through his behaviour that being humble and honest,and always wearing a smile on your face could take you places. it was he who made me dust off my once dormant reading habits, with an endless supply of books and issues of Reader’s Digest. he had some magic charm in him that, no one could say a NO to him. and, it was because of his help that i could pass my school exams.
proud to have him as a friend, brother,and much more. everyone in this world should have at least a friend like him.


care those people who care for you to the full and hate your haters like its your only chance.

it was my friend amarnath, who is as crazy as me,who taught me that life is beautiful &and simple until you make it complex. he also showed that some friends are like medicines, essentialy inevitable during certain times.i owe a lot to him,like my carefree attitude, and much more. it has been a year since we last met.
he is more than a friend to me, he is more like my brother.
he was someone who stayed by me during hard times.

missing you loads.


friendship is something more valuable than anything.

my friend, Abraham was the one who taught me this. he was ready to compromise his prospects of expressing his love to a girl who he was madly in love with , for friendship.
he taught me that good friends are like diamonds, difficult to find, easy to lose, and hard to get back once lost.

hey Abro, this post is for you.

Through The Lives

would be reflecting upon some people in my life, under this header. about those people who taught me something, stayed with me, or helped me a great lot.

the one who came into my mind first is my former classmate, Zainul abideen or simply “Abid”.

he was the person who showed me that nothing in this world can stop you from getting the girl you love, if your love for her is strong and sincere. elated to know about them getting engaged. next thing would be their marriage. one thing that makes me happy is that i had been someone who helped a bit in their relationship.

after all, isn’t helping lovers unite one of the best things which can make you feel worthy?

wishing both of them a happy life 🙂

Update: They have a baby girl now!!!!

Confession of a schezophreniac

i rode hard to embrace the certain death ,

i was weak, but the weakness didn’t affect me.

i was bludgeoned by those words, dealing more  damage to me than a thosand blows would do.

my legs were turning buttery,

i was gaining strength from the rage within me,

the frustration was making me strong.

the thought of it all,

fueled the seething anger in me.

every time i came face to face with a car or truck,

the instinct to save myself,kept kicking in

but, my enraged mind was stopping the gears of consciousness from clicking together.

a blinding flash,

a deafening boom,

it woke me up from the dreamy trance,

i felt searing pain all over me.

yet i got saved from the disaster.


for being normal,

for being with everyone,

for being loved,

and to make a decision,….

to never again think about one thing,

which everyone would call,



Your focus needs more focus- Mr.Han(the karate kid)

My friend ,former classmate & roommate, Arjun showed this to us before Mr.Han did in karate kid. he was some person who, we all looked upto. even when lazing around with us, he managed to score good grades. once the exam mood sets in, there was no stopping him.
what i learned from him was, stay focused on your aim, no matter what comes in your way, and success would come your way.


i loved you so much that i lost myself,
and i wanted you to be mine,

and as i walk alone,having lost you,
i just wanna say goodbye.
so that you can fly high,
be happy day and night.

for i still love you so much,

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