Dark side of entrepreneurship

Yes. We all hear the success stories of successful startups or bigwigs like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft or how Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos made it big. The motivational content pages celebrate entrepreneurship like making a billion dollars is a walk in the park. No one talks about the dark side of entrepreneurship.



Having left my cozy comfy job and taken the plunge,being a full time entrepreneur starting up a fledgling business the formal way(by the way, it is my fourth business), i see a lot of young people out there, excited about being entrepreneurs, totally clueless about the hardships they are to face. They are motivated by the bells and whistles around them (let’s blame the success pages on Facebook for that) since entrepreneurship is the new sexy. Having failed twice before, here are few things the newbies are totally unprepared for,

-Monetary issues

-Product issues

-Partner problems

-Client issues

-Other uncertain market aspects.

-Failure to accept failure.


While I had a job, I was sure of the paycheck by the end of every month.Being an entrepreneur now, I had to wait for a whole month to get a client who was ready to ink the deal. Though I was prepared to be broke for some time, very few things have changed since my first venture. I’m still scared of many a thing in business.

So, to all the wannabes out there,

Being your boss sounds super cool, working according to your rules is great, making your home an office and bed your workstation is cool, but be prepared for the thorns out there. The road is not easy. The journey is a barefoot trek down a road filled with thorns, snakes, pits and every other danger.


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