First Ever Short Story

Hi folks, long time since I wrote something here. Work keeps me busy these days. Studying for Master’s and running two fledgling businesses takes a lot of time. This one is something I thought I had lost. Got it after I recovered my old hard drive. Recovered my very first attempt at writing something which I thought was Fiction back then(Now I know, it’s a pile of sh*t). Still, I want to share it here. It was supposed to be a short story, though the half cooked batch of words doesn’t look like one. I still haven’t figured out what it is, thus it has no name.


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“Are we late?” asked Jamal, as Jeff climbed on to the van which had come to get him.

Annoyed that everyone else had moved to another hotel from the cottage they were staying, he too wanted to follow.The cottage was part of a resort very close to the regional military base.But he found the place interesting. Now all he wanted to do was complete his assignment and leave the country.

Seeing a serious face, Jamal enquired, “You do not look like you In a good mood.What happens, sir?”

Hiding his anger he said,” it’s nothing.Please drive safe.I wanna get some rest.”

Looking at the fast-moving landscape, he wondered what the heck was wrong with the world. One country had its people being slaughtered by the government because they demanded a democratic, elected government. Another had a democratic government overthrown by the army and the citizens were out in the streets, demanding the reinstatement of the government and getting killed for it.

The sudden jerk woke him from his thoughts.

“We are here, sir” announced Jamal as he jumped out and opened the door for Jeff.

He walked slowly into the square. All he could see was people all over the place, weeping in grief. The army had brutally fired at the protesters and he was late to the scene. His assignment was to cover the happenings in this country and get back to the office. Looking at his watch made him angrier since his camera crew was not yet there. Just as he took out his phone, the camera crew van screeched to halt next to him. They made up for the late coming by getting ready for the shoot in a minute.

Facing the camera, Jeff took the mic and signaled the camera crew to start the shot.
“Good morning, we are now at the central square where the protesters had camped for the night. All you can see here is blood all over the place. There were about 1000 protesters at the square during the fire and many have been injured. The firing took place at around midnight without any visible provocation. I bet this is going to make things worse. ”
“ This is Jeff Stevens, reporting from the national capital.We will keep you updated about the happenings around the city.Signing off for now,”

He switched the microphone off and signaled to stop recording.He was supposed to be at the hotel about 15 kilometers away from the capital. Hearing of the incident, they planned a quick detour that they won’t be late for the meeting. The meeting was on the media operations and their return home.Though he wanted to be back home, he did not want to attend the meeting.

While getting inside the van, he said,” Hey Jamal, take me to the cottage.I don’t feel like going to the hotel.”

“But sir, they said I have to bring you to the hotel.”

“No buts,” he was interrupted by his phone. It was Adam, the manager from the embassy for their assignment here

“ Hi Adam, what’s bothering you now?”

“I want you to be here in an hour” shouted Adam over the phone.

“Relax, what’s the meeting for?”
“Well, it’s regarding your trip back home”

“That’s good. Will try to be there on time.”


The meeting was uneventful. All the foreign press crews were to return to their home countries in 3 days and the embassies were making arrangements for that. On the way back to the cottage, Jeff made preparations to complete the book he was working on for quite some time. His iPhone became a notepad scribbled all over.

He was dead tired by the time he reached the resort and the first thing he did was jump onto the couch.


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