First Ever Short Story


He woke up tired. The phone display showed him it was almost midnight. The night was damp. Even though it was mid-December, the air was dead .an uneasy feeling crept into a corner of his mind. Taking his diary and walking out of the cottage made him feel better .the climate outside was much better.

His phone kept ringing as he settled on the chair outside the cottage and he ignored the wailing phone.

He had this uneasiness right from the moment he set foot in this country. Asking his driver to leave, he started with his book.It was nearing completion.All he had to do was finish the manuscript. Closing his eyes, he tried to concentrate on what he had to do.

He was all alone in the villa until 7 in the morning next day. Though having all the time to complete the book, he was in some unusual urgency.

It was smooth sailing.He had in mind exactly what he had to write.It didn’t even take a minute to pause and contemplate. On closing the diary, he heard the clock striking 10 from the dining room of his cottage. It was time to take a break. The resort car, a Range Rover was parked near the fence. He could hear the hum of helicopters from the nearby army base.The resort was way too close to the base.

Walking back to the cottage he heard a faint whirr of engines.Outside, he saw two small black aircraft flying low.What made him notice the aircraft was something on its fuselage.

‘No way’ he thought.

‘What’s my country’s aircraft doing here at this time?’

He raced inside to get his camera. Just as he was about to get a good click, he saw a flash of light leaving the aircraft. The next moment he saw the Range Rover turn into a ball of fire.  Right after he saw the car on fire, he felt a blinding flash of light along with searing pain followed by a deafening boom.


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