First Ever Short Story


“ We are at the resort which was destroyed in the attack last night on the army base. The army base has suffered significant damage.The resort is close to the base and was partly destroyed in the attack. The last occupants were the media personnel from all over the world. Fortunately, everyone except one had moved out to the neutral areas following a notification from the embassies. Rescue teams have been deployed to find if the lone occupant has survived.

Ahmed Khandavi switched his microphone off and moved to the army base which was almost totally destroyed. He had to cover the attack and get back to the studio in time for the show since their OB vans were being used to shift people to secure locations.

Seargent David Cooper walked towards the rubble. He was with the UN Troops. All he could see there were mounds of concrete, steel, and wood. That was all remaining of the cottage. He noticed a red object under a slab of concrete. It was a thick leather-bound diary. Hoping to find out the identity of its owner he flipped to the first page.There were no details. On the next page, he found something like the beginning of a report scribbled on the paper which read,


Leafing through the pages, he found the book’s owner.

The lines on the monitor were starting to flatten.All efforts to revive him were getting in vain.

That’s it, folks.The end was planned to be this guy winning the Pulitzer Prize(Thank goodness, I didn’t write such madness).Do comment your word on it.


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