It’s 2018. Everyone’s online be it on a smartphone or a laptop. A website is among the most important online assets for a person or a business. To create a website was one thing meant for the geeks, not anymore. With the arrival of Drag and Drop DIY Website builder tools like Wix, Weebly, IM Creator, Squarespace, Ezywebs, etc, creating a website has become easy for the uninitiated. You can create your website for free now!!!

Want to know how?


Strikingly is a free website builder best suited for creating gorgeous one-page websites. Unlike Wix or Weebly where tons of features are showered upon the user, Strikingly is a simple platform in terms of usability. Wix does have an option to create one-page websites, but it’s too confusing and a lot of work there. I created a simple one-page website for my business, complete with a blog and other requisites.


On the Discover section, users can get inspired browsing through the trending and Editor’s Pick websites created using Strikingly.


Our previous website was created in half an hour.  That too for free!

There are many options available according to what the user needs. For hobbyists/bloggers, the Free Plan gives a lot of room to play around. For the more advanced users, The Pro Plan ($16/month) and Limited Plan ($8/month) gives loads of features to make the website smart.

Another cool feature is that any user can create a professional personal website using their LinkedIn profile. A professional looking personal website will be the next best way to bag your next big job with that impressive website. With creating the personal website, Strikingly rewards users by giving one month Pro membership (worth $16) FOR FREE when connecting LinkedIn.


Whatever your taste be, Strikingly has it all. Need not say more, check it out yourself here


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