If we don’t rise now, then when?

Ashamed and appalled hearing the news of an 8 year old girl, with an angelic smile being gang-raped and killed in Kashmir. The news surfaces along with another rape news from Unnao, in Gujarat. Two girls. One is fighting for her and her father who was killed in police custody after he demanded justice for his daughter. Another one for whom the nation is out on the streets.

In one, a BJP MLA is the accused and for the other, the horrific incident took place inside the holy sanctum of a temple with the temple caretaker leading the pack.
Calling these perpetrators ANIMALS would be a matter of shame to even animals. They won’t be this cruel.


How can one justify revenge or attempting to scare off someone by killing a small child this horrendously? If they wanted to drive away Gajjerwal community from Rasana, there were other ways. Yet they chose to brutally rape and murder the little girl.



What’s more shocking is the images of BJP leaders leading the protest supporting the rape accused.The disturbing factor about the protest was that the protesters were wielding national flags!! That’s disrespecting the national flag. They were also chanting Jai Sri Ram, thereby insulting even Lord Ram. He was a person who stood for women empowerment.


In Unnao, a girl was raped allegedly by the local Legislator. On demanding justice for the victim, her father was taken in and was allegedly killed in custody. Now she’s fighting for justice, both for her self and her late father.


Just the fact that they belong to the ruling party doesn’t give anyone the rights to do what they wish.

Beti Bachao

Beti Bachao was never a slogan. It is a silent warning to all Indians with girl children that ” Sanghi bhai log ghoom rahe hain, beti ko khud bachao (Sanghi brothers are on the loose, take care of your girl children)”

Is this the women empowerment and safety that the government promised?


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