My brother Rahul

I have a number of friends who are more than friends but brothers to me. I treat them like my own brothers and they reciprocate it too. They came to my life during school, after school, my engineering college years, the life outside the engineering college and my second stint at college. One of them, Elson was the person who made think twice about jumping off the bridge when I was depressed(have written about him before). Most of them had many shortcomings like I had, and could overcome them together. Then came another person, one of my dearest brothers. He came to my life and I learned a lot from him. On how to keep smiling always, and stay happy even when you are emotionally destroyed.

That is Rahul

My junior at college, belonging to the same course as mine, I first talked to him while waiting for the college gates to open. He was introduced to me by another junior I knew. I noticed the positive vibe he had. Our friendship grew gradually.
One thing I secretly envied in him was his ability to keep a smile pasted on his face all the time, something I don’t know. He was always cool with everything, be it studies or girlfriends. The thing I didn’t know was that he suffered enough for a kid his age. He has his ex-girlfriend’s name written on his arm with a compass, something he did after love failure.
The fact that we both had an almost similar behaviorĀ and outlook towards life made me become more close to him. He taught me how to smile and stay happy even when I’m drained emotionally. He taught me how to be positive when the negatives whack me.

Proud to have him as a ‘brother’. Everyone should have at least one friend like him. For, the family is not just blood.



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