NIRNAYAKAM – a good movie that went unnoticed

Recently watched the Malayalam movie Nirnayakam, starring Asif Ali, Prem Prakash, Nedumudi Venu in lead roles. It was a movie that didn’t catch the public attention, thanks to the poor publicity given. Though its posters had lines like “ഈ സിനിമ കണ്ടു കഴിയുമ്പോൾ നിങ്ങളും ഇതിന്റെ ഭാഗം ആയിരിക്കും”(“by the time you finish watching this movie, you will be a part of the story”), it never attracted moviegoer’s attention.


Directed by V.K.Prakash, the movie follows the story of Ajay, a youngster who got into the National Defense Academy (NDA), wanting to become a soldier, but now planning to leave it after realizing that he doesn’t belong to the place.



Ajay, after getting into a fight with a gang of ruffians outside the academy, thereby violating the rules get punished and go home to his mother and lies to her about everything. One day, he gets a call from his father, who had left them years ago, asking Ajay to come to Kochi for a while. After his mother comes to know why Ajay is back home, he agrees to go to Kochi to meet his father.

On reaching Kochi, he ignores his father. He later comes to know that his father Sidharth, a leading advocate, is suffering from blood cancer and the only way to save him is a bone marrow transplant. One night, a group of people attacks the house and the next morning, Sidharth’s client, Venukkuttan Nair comes home to persuade him to leave his case where it was to avoid more problems. Ajay is puzzled at everything until he meets Venukkuttan Nair, who tells him about his case Sidharth has taken up.


Venukkuttan Nair tells Ajay about how his granddaughter Arya, got injured after she fell from a ladder and on the way to the hospital, they get stuck in the traffic snarl caused by a political rally lead by a prominent politician, T.K. Chandrasekhar. On reaching the hospital, the doctors say that they could have saved her, had she been brought at least 15 minutes before.


Venukkuttan Nair decides to legally fight against the ones who caused his granddaughter’s death. He approached Adv.Sidharth who agrees to take up his case. Soon after that, Sidharth becomes ill. He tells to Ajay that the only reason Sidharth wants to live longer is to make sure that Arya gets justice, and that’s why Ajay was called. Ajay then agrees to the transplant and Siddharth is seemingly cured.
In the following courtroom scenes, Sidharth calls up three people as witnesses, who lost many things on the day when Arya died, owing to the traffic block created by the political rally. The jury is convinced that Arya died due to the delay in getting medical attention. Venukkuttan Nair makes an appeal before the court and says he fought not just for Arya but to prevent future happenings. He reasons that since he is an ordinary, voiceless Malayali, he is of no value to the politicians and bureaucrats. He reminds that it is the faceless, ordinary Malayalis that elect the politicians, expecting them to serve the people. The jury pronounces the verdict that Venukkuttan Nair is given a compensation of 10 lakh rupees and action be taken against the bureaucrats.



The movie ends with Ajay returning to the National Defense Academy.
The script penned by the scriptwriter duo Bobby-Sanjay, has a strong subject discussing a socially relevant topic. The actors have put up a good show.

I watched the movie after a social media movie critic lamented the movie. It’s queer when none watch the movie in theatres, but later proclaim it’s a superb movie and complain about the lack of good subjects. There are many good Malayalam movies like Urumi, Munnariyippu, etc that were really good but went unnoticed.

Godspeed 😊


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