PO and ME

My 5-year-old cousin brother is a big fan of Po and The Kung Fu Panda series. I watched for the first time ‘The’ big fat panda fight with my friends at school. After a long time and two more films later, I watched the series, all three movies in a go, with the kid brother. After three movies, I realize Po not only fights but teaches something else too( he teaches Tigress, Mantis, Monkey, Viper, and Crane in the third film).  A few life lessons.

All three films show that some of the most important things come to one by accident or without us wanting it. Po learned the Wuxi finger hold from Shifu while roaming awestruck inside the Jade Palace. He saw how Shifu controlled a drop of water, which he used against Lord Shen in the second film. Mastering Chi was shown to Po by Shifu in the third film. The Dragon warrior learns something after every film and calls for the viewers to do the same.

One line by Oogway in the first film tells the audience to live in the present and enjoy it. He says, ” Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called PRESENT”. It teaches not to regret about the past, not be anxious about future and live in the present.

Po’ restaurateur dad too teaches a thing or two, Him revealing that the secret ingredient in his SECRET INGREDIENT soup is NOTHING. He says the secret ingredient is the belief that it exists. The Dragon scroll too enlightens the viewers that one first has to believe in oneself to be able to do the incredible. The blank scroll shows, It’s just YOU.

Po did lose his parents when Lord Shen went about eliminating pandas to avert his destiny of being defeated by a warrior of black and white. The movie has a lesson that one’s deeds, both good and bad would surely come back to them. If not soon, sometime later.

Kai in the third film showed IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. He waited for 500 years to take Oogway’s chi and come back to the mortal realm. He shows that with perseverance and belief in one’s capabilities, anyone can do anything. Po manages to teach the same thing by teaching the Pandas fight by doing what they were good at. The Dumpling, Noodle, and Springroll squads trained and perfected their skills for better use.

Po did teach a few things. Sitting down to watch it again, this time too with the lil kiddo.
Let the Dragon Warrior enlighten us.



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