10 Songs for the Indian Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park or a bed of roses. It has its bulk of difficulties.One has to suffer a number of setbacks, losses both financial and others, crushing defeats, and much more. An entrepreneur in any stage of his venture is to be motivated always to keep himself, his team and business running in full swing. Songs can be a great way to stay motivated. Here is a list of songs from Indian movies for entrepreneurs going through a rough patch.


1. Chak De India 

Chak De India

If this song doesn’t inspire one, no other can. It does motivate not just entrepreneurs but everyone looking for the much-needed shot of motivation.

Watch it here .



Rolf-herbert Peters excellently chronicles the ups and downs of two of the most famous sports brands, Puma and Adidas, and how the near bankrupt Dassler family business was turned around by a visionary CEO. A book to be adopted as a rulebook for young entrepreneurs who start up almost in similar to the situations when Puma had almost no money.

The book begins with the Dassler family and how Adolf and Rudolf Dassler did business, together. It closely follows how the brothers went on to start their own businesses, Adidas and Puma. The business rivalry between the brands is made clear when the author explains how a machine was scrapped at Adidas, soon after it was at Puma. The brothers were on and endorsement war, getting on board the likes of Boris Becker, Pele, Diego Maradona, etc. It did give an edge to Puma over Adidas, but bled a lot of money. When Rudolf Dassler was done fighting with his brother, it was too late to realise that the company was in debt.