Being someone who loves watching TV while having food, breakfast is when I sit in front of the TV. A few days ago, while scrolling through channels, stumbled on the Business Morning show on Doordarshan(Business Mornings is good, even though Doordarshan is late at getting all the news), I happened to watch a promotional advertisement of the Swach Bharat campaign. Swach Bharat is indeed a great project if implemented properly since India is a large country. It’s the responsibility of each and every citizen of the country to keep it clean.

The ad focussed on the latest projects by the government and how well they were being executed.It showed the progress made with Swach Bharat, Digital India, and many others. States like Kerala and Goa are quite good when it comes to living standards, compared to other parts of India.

India is a large country which has the spirit of UNITY IN DIVERSITY instilled in it. Many religions, cultures, languages and much more coexist in this beautiful country. But one thing everyone should think about is,


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