NIRNAYAKAM – a good movie that went unnoticed

Recently watched the Malayalam movie Nirnayakam, starring Asif Ali, Prem Prakash, Nedumudi Venu in lead roles. It was a movie that didn’t catch the public attention, thanks to the poor publicity given. Though its posters had lines like “ഈ സിനിമ കണ്ടു കഴിയുമ്പോൾ നിങ്ങളും ഇതിന്റെ ഭാഗം ആയിരിക്കും”(“by the time you finish watching this movie, you will be a part of the story”), it never attracted moviegoer’s attention.


Directed by V.K.Prakash, the movie follows the story of Ajay, a youngster who got into the National Defense Academy (NDA), wanting to become a soldier, but now planning to leave it after realizing that he doesn’t belong to the place.



Ajay, after getting into a fight with a gang of ruffians outside the academy, thereby violating the rules get punished and go home to his mother and lies to her about everything. One day, he gets a call from his father, who had left them years ago, asking Ajay to come to Kochi for a while. After his mother comes to know why Ajay is back home, he agrees to go to Kochi to meet his father.

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