THINK LIKE ZUCK- an awesome read on what makes Facebook different

Before I elaborate on the book, here’s one thing about it. Ekaterina Walter did an awesome job.

Think like Zuck is a detailed account of why and how companies like Facebook are and remain to be successful. Though the author focuses primarily on Facebook and its various aspects, she elaborates a lot on various practices and stories of companies like, 3M, threadless, Apple.Inc, and many more. In short, a book loaded with entrepreneurial wisdom.

The book is divided into five chapters explaining the five factors that characteristically differentiates facebook and Zuck from others. They are, PASSION, PRODUCT, PEOPLE PARTNERSHIPS, PURPOSE.



PURPOSE explains why zuck created which later became Facebook.


PASSION follows how the super brilliant CEO of Facebook followed his vision.


PRODUCT focuses more on the product aspects of facebook and how zuck defines it.


PEOPLE explains why and how the right people are the most important assets of any business.


PARTNERSHIPS elaborate on why perfect partnerships make phenomenally successful businesses. The author gives cool reasons why the partnerships like Mark Zuckerberg-Sheryl Sandberg, Steve jobs – Steve Wozniak, Sergey brin- Larry Page, Bill Gates – Paul Allen etc went on to influence the way people live.


The book is loaded with real useful stuff for entrepreneurs, soon to be entrepreneurs or the wannabes, managers etc to get an insight on what works and what doesn’t. BUY IT HERE


A simple yet great read.


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