Best URL Shorteners after April 13th

What is (Google URL Shortener)

Google URL Shortener ( is one of the most used and trusted URL Shorteners on the Internet. Launched in 2010, it was the goto shortener back then. With Google URL shortener shutting down by April 13, 2018, it’s time to search for alternatives to shorten URLs. Google is not really killing the URL Shortener, but shifting its focus to Dynamic Links which is used on Firebase.  Now is the best time to switch to other services.


Here are a few alternatives to : alternative URL Shortener bitly or bitly is one of the oldest and as trusted as URL shortener. Being free and easy to use, it is the obvious first choice for a majority of bloggers. It has both free and paid options. alternative URL shortener



This is a URL shortener by HootSuite, a social media management platform which lets users integrate social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. is free and the major advantage being a host of services available for free with a HootSuite account. HootSuite is a total package of a platform to manage all social media platform in a single place.



tinyurl url shortener alternatove



TinyURL is a simple URL shortener launched in 2002. It’s simple and FREE. Another favorite of the masses. alternative url shortener


Making money while shortening links sounds like a good idea. Yes, it is.  Shortest is a URL shortener which lets users make monetize short links by placing ads on the short links. Though it might seem a nuisance at first, users get used to it. Shortest has recently introduced a feature to mine bitcoins on the platform. Discover how. alternative is another great URL shortener to shorten links and track all related metrics. It’s free, simple to use, and has many features useful to the various user categories.



sniply alternative to


Sniply is yet another free URL shortener which can help bloggers drive traffic to websites/social media. The easiest part is that users can use to shorten links and track the metrics.




zapier url shortener alternative to google


URL Shortener by Zapier is a tool that lets users automate shortening links. also has similar features but Zapier stands out by providing multiple integration possibilities.


Polr url shortener alternative polr


Polr is a free, open source URL shortener.It has a great look, themes, user admin panels, and you can even host it yourself. It can give bitly, owly, or a run for its money, all while being open source. Polr debunks the myth that open source is drab and boring.



rebrandly alternative


Rebrandly is yet another great tool to create branded short links and share them online. It has both free and paid plans with a number of features while the free plan is capped at 1000 links and one custom domain.

adfly url shortener alternative is one of the oldest URL shorteners available online. Yet another URL shortener that lets you make money from short links. The ads served on the short links can be annoying at times but the SKIP AD button appears pretty quick on


Which one would you use?


From the host of URL shorteners available online and mentioned,,, rebrandly, is the personal favorites. With Google shuttering the URL shortener as a standalone service and focusing more on Dynamic links feature which is already available on Firebase, users are left with an option to switch either to Firebase and create Dynamic links or any of the URL shorteners available online.



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