Why I became an entrepreneur

That’s one thing almost all of my friends asked when I started up. I had a comfortable job in a really comfy office and a good salary. When I broke the news of leaving my job and starting a business, all my friends were shocked to hear me starting up a business. Since I was the introvert in our class, I was the least expected to be an entrepreneur. After school, and dropping engineering the next thing I did while pursuing graduation was starting a business with my new buddy.




I have mentioned before about dropping engineering here. After going through a few incidents in and out of college, I had a chance for thorough introspection. Even though I never had any benefit doing engineering, it did give me life lessons.Engineering life forced me to leave my shyness and countless inhibitions. The first business was just a pastime but it made me realize what I could and what I couldn’t do. That was followed by a couple of other businesses which gave me the confidence to start a more serious business while still in college. That was the first business disaster. Lost all the money I had and started again from zero. The thought of making a mark and impacting the lives of people struck me then.┬áThat was the eureka moment for my current business.




Once done with college, I got a job at a company which gave me a comfy life for some time. The entrepreneur was still not gone. Working for someone gave me the courage to leave the job and start my business. Though the major reason was being unable to stand the immature behaviour of my colleagues, I resigned mentioning my plan to pursue Masters degree.




The idea of being your own boss sounds really cool though it isn’t. Taking the risk when I could was my only shot then. Guess that’s why Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Working dawn to dusk, saving every penny, to a certain extent starving, and handling multiple jobs at the same time and navigating through the countless setbacks, hurdles and problems is entrepreneurship. During that, I had to fire two of my guys.




My road to entrepreneurship was coincidental unlike that of others who study in detail and wait for the best time. I took the leap and believed things would be alright when my chance came. Heres to all the wannapreneurs and those running their businesses. Keep grinding!!!







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